Dying to Meet You is a 15-minute short dark comedy about Andy,
the local mafi a’s clean up guy who gets threatened by Vincenzo,
one of the supposed dead corpses he is disposing. Their journey
to Vincenzo’s killer not only results in a heart to heart conversation
but leads them into a life or death situation.

Our Team

We are a group of third-year film students from Middlesex University, who are currently in the pre-production of our dissertation project.

Jakub Holub


I think this story we have is very funny. I don’t know about you, but I like funny things. Working on this project with such a great team is an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and make a great film which will make you laugh. And that’s what I aim for.

Malwina Hill


Mobs, guns and a guy who talks to dead bodies? Count me in! I am a London based filmmaker with a background in sound and art direction and now I’m producing this short dark comedy. After reading the script, I couldn’t wait to jump on board and work alongside such a passionate and talented group of filmmakers. The script is hilarious and I’m sure you’ll all love the film!

Josef Kader Agha


While still finishing my BA film degree, I gained a vast array of experience
filming short films, documentaries and online commercials. I have a huge passion for storytelling through light and motion picture and can’t wait to prove it again. I am glad I got this opportunity to work with such a great team and I believe you will enjoy this film!

Dominika Tomosvary


I’m an aspiring editor currently studying BA Film at Middlesex
University. My passion for storytelling has evolved over the years while working on a number of short films. Through the art of editing, I’m able to express the  film’s meaning in a way that’s emotionally affective and visually compelling. I can’t wait to work with such a talented crew on Dying to Meet You and make you laugh!